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★ Shiny Grass-Type Starter Pokémon

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Probably the creepiest and coolest caterpillar you will ever see.

It’s called Phyllodes Imperialis and is nicknamed the Halloween caterpillar.

The last picture is what it looks like as a moth. 

When other creatures bother it, it draws itself up and stretches its skin until it looks like a large animal with two blue-black eyes and several rows of teeth between them (1st picture)

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Pizza Princess 


Pizza Princess 

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Disney Lady Villains Cookies!

Some not-so-sweet Disney papercraft-esque cookies I did last week for a Bridal Shower. These were done like you would papercraft- cutting layers of Fondx fondant out to create different shapes and depths. Throw in some airbrushing and faux-finishing Ta da! Cookies!

I loved making them so much, I just have to papercraft a framed version for myself one day.

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